Flashback to summer.

The youngest boy here, JCountryGuitarMan, discovered today that it does not take any liquor at all for my daughter, Tes, who calls him bronephew (he is her brother and her nephew, because he is my grandson and my son for the last seven years, anyway.) But, it does not take any liquor, at all, for the two of us to laugh hysterically for hours.

Had the most wonderful day. It started with a phone call from her, “Gee, mom, I’m camping in your neighborhood.  Now, first, this seems like a strange thing to me.  The woman teaches science and math at four institutions.  She’s no dummy, but she made reservations for Monroe Reservoire three months ago and just realized that she is like less than twenty miles from my house?

Whatever the case, I’m glad she realized it, called and invited us to join them.  I have my millions of projects that have to be done so passed at first, but she continued to text me and when I found out she had walked down to the water from her campspot, I was in like sin.  I love water.  Water energizes me.  I was not passing up floating for the day.

So, off we went, husband, JCountry, and me.  We played with their dog ‘Mia,’ who has, as her vet put it “Jazz hands” (or paws.)  I mean, this is one really energetic puppy.  She treats children as if they are popsickles/suckers.  She’s one handfull of dog.

The water was wonderful but I think someone was trying to send me a message, as Turkey buzzards kept circling overhead.

Has to be one of my best days ever, and I’m sorry I forgot to post this timely, but still had to share it.


Good Sunday morning!

There is a window next to my bed. A window that obviously needs to be washed, but I love to look at the stars out that window at night. Winter is best for that because there is also a tree outside my window and this is the brightness I woke up to this morning.

Golden tree outside my window

Fall is officially in Brown County. Come on out for a beautiful drive.



They are all out to get me.

Last week, my aol email was hacked. I paid for AOL for years and finally dropped the paid part maybe two years ago. This was after my web page got hacked and AOL cut me off from receiving mail because they thought I was sending out spam. The really dumb thing though, was I was spamming myself. Someone had hacked my website and was sending out spam with it’s domain name. That was two years ago.

My new free AOL email picked up that I had been hacked, this week, almost before I did, shut down my email, so it would stop sending hacked mail out to people in my address book, and told me how to restore my mail. COOL! I do seem to have more spam than normal though.

Today, Mariam Hommed needed my help; qxewpdtauc wanted me to go to their online pharmacy, (You should really learn some spelling in the language you are trying to spam); the WESTERN UNION LOTTERY apparently has a prize for me; Dr. Ma Weihua has a proposal for me and Mrs. Stephen Clark has $850,000 USD. Not sure what she wants me to do about that but I’m not opening it to find out.

AND, to top it all off, I have a three inch diameter spider loose in the house. It is only a “fishing spider” but may eat away skin at the site of the bite. I give up, I’m sleeping in the car tonight.

Fishing Spider courtesy of Insects.org

This is a fishing spider, courtesy of Insects.org

What is wrong with American businesses?

Nashville, Indiana is a three light town. In fact, those three lights are the only traffic lights in the whole county.

We HAD three fast food restaurants and a dozen or more sit-down restaurants. One of the fast food restaurants closed a few years ago. Every time you would go in to order the ‘special,’ the teenage employees had no idea where it was kept. They were friendly and seemed to clean, but they had not been told, by management, where he unpacked the latest seafood special. One day, there was a notice in the paper that that “Ayee, Matee” restaurant was closing. The quote from the owner stated that he could not find good help.

EXCUSE ME!  The help was fine. The person who was supposed to train and communicate with them sucked.

Gaffer has worked for enough restaurants that we know the difference between great management, “AYE! Rea of Subways” and less than great management. Like those who stand around and watch the chaos then go into the backroom and hide.

Restaurants are not the only ill run businesses. Have you ever called Sam’s Club? I just did. I dialed, music answered. For ten minutes there was not one word but music. I hung up, hoping I had gotten a wrong number. Nope, that was them. When someone finally answered and I asked if she realized people were listening to music for ten minutes not knowing if they had gotten through to Sams Club or not, the answer was, “We are busy.”

The reason I phoned Sam’s was that I actually wanted to phone a cheese company. When I purchase a two pound block of cheese, I rather expect to get a two pound block of cheese, not one with a test hole bored through it.


Sam’s has offered to replace the block of cheese. At least they’ve got customer service right, now if they could just fix their phone system.

We live on close to four wooded acres and our large pond is a very popular spot in this drought, for all manner of wildlife.  To keep our garden from becoming the local salad bar for four-legged critters, husband has fashioned a very cheap cage to cover it. It seems to scare most of the wildlife and, when she was alive, Irritating little chihuahua would not go near it.

He found the pattern online but husband is not real knowledgeable about the internet and probably could not find it again. It’s made of chicken wire over a frame of flexible electrical conduit and it has its own screen door and a seat on the outside. We had it near the house but the Brown County Garden Club came out and built us a raised bed garden to fit in it. It weighs next to nothing for about seven of us to lift and put over the new garden.

Frankly, I see two more of these in our future.  And, thank you so much to the kind people and companies who donated their time and supplies to make our garden successful.

our raised bed garden cage

I follow a blogger who recently was sued for snagging a picture and using it. She gave full credit and thought she was within her legal limits. As soon as the person complained, she pulled the picture. That was not enough, and the owner sued her for a large sum of money. I am not certain how that has turned out but I am always in the hopes of becoming wealthy, “Ah, hope springs eternal; and delusional” so thought I should take action now and go through my blog, deleating all photos that are not mine.

I was surprised to find that there were probably under twenty photos I did not own. I did not look through my blogs, just through my pictures, so I hope I did not miss any, cause I am pretty sure poverty will soon be erased by great weath, especially if I spend my days deleating photos.

As it turns out

When elderly adults get sudden onset dimentia, the first thing the doctors look for is infection. Mom had some severe infections a recently and then she started talking in another language. Not exactly, but she would say something like, “Do you see that bobdikinba whoosfasee?” and then she would point to the window. We were already in the doctor’s office and they called him out to the waiting room right away, so off to the ICU she went (I think she has her own room over there.) Turns out, after proding and poking and EEGing, she has developed a seizure disorder. With medication, she is back to normal. She is living on her own again, and out of rehab.

She still doesn’t remember what year, month, day it is, but she is not any further off than she was before. At 90, that’s doing pretty well.