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One of my near daily blogs to check is, Mr. Barlow’s Blog via Mr. Barlow’s Blog.  He’s a science or math teacher who blogs stuff he learns every day.  It is so cool.

A while ago, he blogged about chimps and the fact that they now know that chimps play with sticks, not just use them to suck up ants.  I could have used a chimp with a stick this summer to suck up the tiny ants invading my kitchen.  Oh well!

Chimps, and especially female chimps, use sticks like dolls.  They even build nests for them.

Hmmmm!  At a time when it seems that we have less instincts in raising children, the chimps are gaining more.  I only say this after being at the store where children behave much worse than any chimp I have seen.  Well, not quite.  A child has vomited on me but never thrown their feces at me.

So, given this new information, who descended from whom???

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In my continuing effort to read other’s blogs, rather than posting on my own,  I have discovered:  2010 – The Year In Jolie | Blurt via 2010 – The Year In Jolie | Blurt.    Check out her past blogs for a hysterical account of the time she was a contestant on “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me.”

I leave my studio radio on NPR and, I will have to be awfully ill to not work on Saturday when I can hear  ‘Wait! Wait,’  ‘Prairie Home Companion  and the whole lineup.  Alright, honesty here.  I have not been out to my studio in a couple of years, but this summer I will be out there again.  Feeling so much healthier and ready to go. and one thing that keeps me moving is NPR.  I particularly like late night jazz and Fusion.

So, what have I been doing, instead of working in my outdoor studio.  I have been writing. 

Husband says that I can get really crabby when I’m not working.  As I became more and  more weak, from undiagnosed heart problem, I got to the end of my rope and just had to work, so I wrote.  And, through surgery, recovery and weird news, I still wrote.  If they would have let me have paper and pen in ICU, I would have written there.

Now, I’m unwriting.  I just did a run through of the second half of my (either) Middle Grade or Young Adult fantasy novel.  I’m going with Advanced Middle Grade today.  I was able to get rid of 1,000 words and decided to go through the upper half.  It’s a matter of reading and saying, “I don’t need to say that.” “That is redundant.” and of showing instead of telling.

The big question:  Will I ever be done.  The fantasy is set in 2007, you’ll know if you know what the weather was like, in Indiana, in 2007.  My step-mother can probably read it and tell you what month is what.  The woman is a walking weather woman. 

So, what does 2011 hold for me.  Hopefully, I find an agent and then an editor and we work wonderfully together to make this book a success.  Because, I think it will be an important book for children to read.  But, even if it doesn’t, I am going to have to finish the series, because that is what I have to do.

I hope you all find what you have to do and do it, this coming year.  It’s the most satisfying thing in your life.

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I was doing my daily “let’s avoid accomplishing anything” by searching for new blogs to read.  This is purely in the name of research and to get me out of the rut of writing blogs and then deleting them, prior to publishing, as they are not funny.  I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

Then, there is the Christmas stocking issue and the knitted Christmas gift that I could work on 24/7 from now till Christmas and probably still not have it done.    I am on my second yarn and my twentymillionth rip out on this thing.  So, my days go, dishes, feed animals, knit four rows, search the internet for Vegan no oil food and any other excuse I can use.

When I am searching blogs, I am mostly looking for ones that make me laugh and today, I was in stitches over a new blog I found.  Truckstop Oysters. How Bad Could They Be? | Blurt via Truckstop Oysters. How Bad Could They Be? | Blurt.

All I can tell you, is I think it’s a guy girl (she asserted her he just asserted his alpha female status over Angelina Jolie’s dolls, another funny post, and he lives in North Carolina and he is funny!   And, he can tell you just exactly how bad of an idea it is to have truckstops serve oysters. 

If you have ever traveled, then you probably have a state that is NOT your favorite.  My state is Missouri.  I have broken down every single time I cross Missouri, except the last time.  Perhaps I am making my peace with the state.  But, I am pretty sure it just felt like it owed me as one trip, I broke down three times.  Never buy a used motorhome. 

It isn’t just that though.  Missouri is the state that has nice restaurants who bring you a cup of hot water and a packet of cocoa when you order hot chocolate.   What is more upscale than bringing you hot water and packets of cocoa?  I now travel a long way out of my way to avoid Missouri.

Let me know if you hear where Truckstop Oysters is playing.  Sounds like a great band to me.

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Presenting Teachers in: BUTTS ON ICE « Braindebris\’s Weblog

via Presenting Teachers in: BUTTS ON ICE « Braindebris\’s Weblog

Today is the one year anniversary of the last post on the Braindebris Blog.  Now, I may be prejudice, since Braindebris is my brilliant daughter, but I think that her short blogging history is some of the funniest stuff you will ever read.

You just have to check out the holiday blog:  “Deer on, Deer off, the Clapper”  and  the  one about cleaning the rabbit’s cage.   They will make your day.

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January was the month of cataract surgery.   Now, if you want a rocking good time just try cataract surgery.  Nothing to dull the edge.  Hold your body stiff as a board because, as the doc talks about his latest trip or race or why there is the smell of burning electrical wire in the room, should you move your head a milimeter, just what could the consequences be??

I had no desire to find out.  So, I found that every muscle in my body was rigid as I lay there watching water swirl in my right eye.  Which was the eye that had some pain with the surgery.  After having one eye done, the second eye was well, easier.  No pain.  But, I counted  and confirmed that it did take more than 2 minutes to do the surgery.

That being dwelt on enough in this blog, I am counting off the days till my vision is totally clear.  I am sure the steroid drops, still in one eye, are not helping my vision; which is said to be 20/20 now. 

I did see the moon the other night.  For the first time in my life, I looked up and saw the moon clearly without any glasses.

Now, that was cool!!!

I will be back to posting regularly in about two weeks, when I am done with eye drops and get a pair of reading glasses.  Right now I am using this credit card sized plastic magnifier to read.  Not cool!

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Apparently, after going on the internet on my daughter’s luxurious high speed, at Christmas, my new Dell computer, with Windows 7, came home and went on strike and said,

“No Way. You can cry. You can stomp your feet. You can install and uninstall aol a billion times but I am NOT going online dialup with AOL.”

The computer has spoken. I took it to the library to gently cajole it into AOL on high speed. NOPE! Well, on high speed it was okay but it was not fooling around.   Even after I downloaded AOL 9.5, I brought it home and it resides in a loop.

It says, “AOL will now install. ….”

Then, it says, “You need to restart your computer.”

Then, it says, “AOL will now install….”

Then, it says, “You need to restart. . . etc, etc, etc, over and over and over.

Anyway, even my desktop wasn’t working for about four days. I think it was too cold in the house. Maybe that’s why everyone was complaining, “IT’s TOO COLD IN THE HOUSE.”  Despite which I have a $400 heating bill.

So, that is where I have been, that and at doctors and hospitals, as husband continues his month long battle with pneumonia.  

Next post, the joys of letting a doctor dig in your eyeball.  Not for the squeamish.

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So, idiot savant that I am, yesterday I get a message that this Gateway, with VISTA, is out of room, and they were not talking about my house.  That, I could understand. 

I began looking at what was on the computer, as hardly anything installs on this VISTA.  But, guess what?  I had two full versions of VISTA on it and four files with between 1.25 GB and 3.836 GB from VISTA backups or something.  


I Google it, find a site about removing duplicate VISTA, download the program, follow the directions, restart the computer and it’s ALLLLLLL gone.  Okay, not quite all, the VISTA installs, every blinkin’ one of them, are still there, but my programs and such are gone. 

It is not that this is such a big deal, as the only installs I had on it were Word and Jasc Paint Shop Pro.  Coffee Cup would not install, even downloading it.  And, everything I have is on backup disc.  But, I still have all this VISTA on here.  And, everything I go to do, such as write a spectacularly hilarious blog from my notes, is gone. 

I shall go troll other blogs now and perhaps get inspired, as opposed to frustrated.

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